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Homeopathic Drugs in Ahmedabad (होम्योपैथिक ड्रग्स, अहमदाबाद)

Xalawane for Glaucoma, Amazo Health

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Schwade Phytolacca Berry Tablets, Packaging Type: Bottle, Packaging Size: 25 Gm

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Mother Tincture & Dilution, For Clinical, Prescription

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Homeopathic Formula D Tablets, Bakson, Non prescription

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Clotrimazole Phosphate 100mg & Clindamycin 100mg & Tinidazole 100mg Capsules For Vaginal Use

Clotrimazole Phosphate 100mg & Clindamycin 100mg & Tinidazole 100mg Capsules For Vaginal Use
₹ 259/Box

Chetan Medicines

Deals in Ahmedabad
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Alfalfa Extract Tablets | Medicago sativa | 500mg

Alfalfa Extract Tablets | Medicago sativa | 500mg
₹ 129.00

Infinator Private Limited

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Piecovit Drops, For Personal, 30ml

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Amynoplus Syrup

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Healing Ok Syrup, 200 ml

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Hamdoroid Ointment, Cream, 50 gm

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Ethiton Syrup, For Personal, Packaging Type: Bottol

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Sore Throat & Cough Relief Spray

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Woll Drops

Woll Drops
₹ 5,000/Bottle

Ashirwad Furniture

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Nux Vomica Powder

Nux Vomica Powder
Price On Request

Anvin Farmachem Private Limited

Opp. Mann Party Plot, Ahmedabad
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Oral Spray for Sore Throat

Oral Spray for Sore Throat
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Aayansh Wellness Private Limited

Talluka-Sanand, Ahmedabad
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Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops, For Eyes Use, Non prescription

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Tentanum desh

Tentanum desh
₹ 7,000/Piece

Ishita Engineers

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Algreat Syrup .., For Commercial

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Aminoplus Syrup 200ml, For Clinical

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Medicine Jentex Health Tonic, For Clinical, Non prescription

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Achal Throat Pain Tablet, 5gm, Non prescription

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Liquid Tono16 Drops, Packaging Type: Bottle, Immune Booster

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Diosmin And Hesperidin Tablets, JOHNLEE, 10X10

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Nux Vomica Extract, Packaging Type: Hdpe Drum, Packaging Size: 10 To 25 kg

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Tuberculin Diluted P.p.d.

Tuberculin Diluted P.p.d.
₹ 120/Piece


Deals in Ahmedabad
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30ml Gestrisol Drops, For Clinical, Packaging Type: Box

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Sugar Globules, 50 Kg

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