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Biohazard Bags / Clinical Waste Bag

(1184 products available)

Garbage Bags Biohazard Waste Collection Bag

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Biohazard Dispo Bags, 17x19 Inch

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Specimen Transport Bags

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Biomedical Biohazard bag

Biomedical Biohazard bag
₹ 4/peice

Material: Biomedical

Color: Red

Dimension: 19*21 inch

Size: Medium

Capacity: 30 L

Feature: Biodegradable

Baroda Packaging

Dadra & Nagar Haveli (UT), Dadra, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu
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Autoclave Biohazard Bag

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BR Biochem Medium Bio Hazard Bag

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19*21 inch Biodegradable Biohazard Bags, Capacity: 30-60 Litre

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PP Printed Biohazard Garbage Bags, Size/Dimension: 30 x 50 mm

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Black Plastic Dustbins Cover, 30x37 Inch

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Garbage Bag

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Bio Medical Compostable Waste Bags

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Rumoma Industries Medium Biohazard Bag On Roll, Capacity: 30-60 Litre

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Plastic Biohazard Autoclavable Bag

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Sefton Biohazard Bags

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Disposable Garbage Bags

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Small 19*21 inch 19" x 21" Oxo Biodegradable Garbage Bag, Capacity: 10-30 Litre

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PP Biohazard Garbage Bag, 17x19 Inch

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HDPE Bio Medical Waste Collection Bags, 19x21 Inch

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SKP Bio Medical Garbage Bag

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Plastic Yellow Biohazard Waste Collection Bag, 32 x 42 inch

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Medium 32*42 inch Biohazard Waste Bags, Capacity: 10-30 Litre

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Biohazard Blue Bags, 32 x 42inch

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Polyethylene Biomedical Waste Collection Bag, 24x32 Inch

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Biodegradable Hazard Bags

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Mediwaste 19*21 inch Biomedical Black Garbage Bag For PPE Kit Disposable, Capacity: 10-30 Litre

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GELID Black Garbage And Waste Bags, 19*21 (inch)

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Biohazard Bags

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Gelid Biohazard Waste Collection Bag

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