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Nedspice Processing India Private Limited, Kochi

Koovappadam, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala


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Cinnamomum cassia Blume

    The cassia bark is coarser and thicker than the cinnamon bark. It has ...

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Turmeric Curcuma Longa

    Turmeric is an ancient spice, a native of South East Asia, used from ...

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Tomatoes Solanum Lycopersicum

    The tomato is the edible, often red, fruit of the tomato plant. Its u...

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Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis

    Rosemary is a woody perennial herb with fragrant evergreen needle lik...

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Syzygium Aromaticum

    Cloves are the immature unopened flower buds of a tropical tree. When ...

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Allspice (Pimento)

    Allspice takes its name from its aroma, which smells like a combinati...

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Anise Seed

    Aniseed belongs to the parsley family. The majority of the world&rsqu...

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Fenugreek Seed

    Fenugreek is a robust herb and has light green leaves. The plant prod...

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cinnamomum cassia blume
turmeric curcuma longa
tomatoes solanum lycopersicum
rosemary rosmarinus officinalis
syzygium aromaticum
allspice (pimento)
anise seed
fenugreek seed
About Us
Company Highlights

Nedspice Group is a privately owned group of companies with activities in the processing of spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables. The group is headquartered in the Netherlands and operates processing factories in India, Vietnam and the Netherlands. Distribution facilities are located in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa and the United States of America. Its business activities include sterilization, grinding and distribution of single spices and herbs like black and white pepper, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, cumin, cloves, cassia, cinnamon, parsley, basil, marjoram, dill, tarragon, onion, leek, carrots, tomato, bell pepper, garlic etc.
Annually Nedspice delivers around 15,000 tons of spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables to a range of global customers. Turnover during 2016 was in excess of $127 million of which 55% was realized in Europe, 20% in Northern America, 5% in South Africa and 20% in the Asia/Pacific region.
Globally Nedspice employs 500 employees.


Nedspice’s mission is to provide the assurance that our customers can produce their products according to their specifications. We do this by sourcing, processing and delivering single spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables in an economically efficient and quality consistent way.

We share our knowledge and experience to optimise our and our customers’ performance. We constantly initiate and innovate in order to be decisive in our market. We secure an uninterrupted supply of authentic, natural and food safe spices. We commit to the importance of developing a sustainable supply chain. Therefore we invest in people, in relationships, in order to be partners.

Nedspice has been a recognised leader in the spice business for decades and first point of call for spice and food industries for sourcing their input materials. Our aim is to be a ‘partner’ to our customers and to add value in the short as well as the long term.
Nedspice was one of the first companies that offered the food industry the option to outsource single spice ingredients to origin countries. Compliance with food safety, labour and environmental regulations in consuming countries are creating an environment in which food industries can only process at higher costs. We work together with our customers to develop customer specific supply programs. Our overall strategy is to combine our expertise in sourcing, merchanting and distribution with our know-how of processing ingredients in origin. This provides a unique proposition for food industries to source their ingredients in a cost efficient manner, thereby saving on the cost of ownership of ingredients. Moving processing of single spice ingredients from high cost consuming markets to low cost producing regions is a condition for the food ingredient companies to remain competitive.
Main areas of savings are in:
  • Handling of the product,
  • Processing and packing,
  • Warehousing, Insurance and Finance.

Furthermore economies of scale advantages can be achieved by combining small to medium sized volumes of our customers' requirements.
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