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Parampara Organic

Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


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Gir Cow Ghee

₹ 1,800 / Litre

  • Packaging Type: Jar & Tin
  • Packaging Size: 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5.5ltr
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Desi Cow Ghee

₹ 1,100 / Litre

  • Packaging Size: 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5.5ltr
  • Packaging Type: Jar & Tin
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Red Rice ( Sathi Chawal )
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Finger Millet (Ragi / Nachni)

₹ 98 / Kg

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Color: Red
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Quiona White Seeds

₹ 99 / Kg

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Rolled Oats

₹ 109 / Kg

  • Packaging Type: Bag & Packet
  • Cuisine: Indian
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Brown Sugar

₹ 67 / Kg

  • Country of Origin: Made in India
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Malai Ghee

₹ 699 / Litre

  • Packaging Size: 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5.5ltr
  • Packaging Type: Food Grade Bottel & Tin
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gir cow ghee
desi cow ghee
red rice ( sathi chawal )
finger millet (ragi / nachni)
quiona white seeds
rolled oats
brown sugar
malai ghee
About Us
"Parampara "
"One Purity Can Change Everything "
ABOUT PARAMARA ORGANIC Parampara Organic bring to you a collection of carefully selected foods of India. In our passionate search to offer food that is unique and full of flavour, we have ensured you get only the best and most renowned brands. Our brands are well-loved for their quality and have great stories.You’ll find the offering here is not about off-the-shelf products from a supermarket. All the products have been sourced “fresh” after we receive your order.As our name suggests, our aim is to get Paramparagat -Traditional Products and guide you to the wonderful flavours of India’s rich food heritage.

HOW WE GOT OUR NAME:We argued and sulked and disagreed till we agreed. We loved the name Parampara Organic . Being foodies ourselves, we want to give the world the same wonderful pleasure that we get from food: that feeling of absolute Paramparagat.

We want to do Paramparagat the person missing the taste of their own regional fare.
We want to do Paramparagat the person who is a food adventurer.
We want to do Paramparagat the connoisseur.
We want to do Paramparagat the cooks and the wonderful people behind the brands.
We want to Paramparagat the world. One bite at a time.
Meaning Of Parampara PARAMPARA is a Sanskrit word pronounced as parampar¿¿ has multiple meanings.Parampara denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Vedic culture and Indian religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is also known as guru–shishya tradition ("succession from guru to disciple"). Each parampara belongs to a specific sampradaya, and may have own akharas and gurukulas.In the parampar¿¿ system, knowledge (in any field) is passed down (undiluted) through successive generations. For example, division of Veda and its transfer through paramparas describes Bhagavata Purana. Other fields of knowledge taught may include spiritual, artistic (music or dance), or educational.

OriginParampara Organic™ was started with a vision of touching more lives organically by the combined effort of MR.KETAN NATWARLAL SANGHAVI from Ahmedabad, India.
Our Vision: "To Inspire life through holistic eco exploration."Our Mission: "To promote sustainability & Wellness through Products & Services."
Our Core Values:
QUALITY: To maintain the highest quality of products and services. Maintaining the Organic integrity through out the supply chain, focus on local and fresh produces.
AWARENESS: To create right educative experience to our customers in their right to choose the best products. Transparent system for customers.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: To deliver truly committed customer services. Creating the unique shopping experience driven by passion, reliability and simplicity.
WORK CULTURE: To nurture open, fair, participatory, happy, self driven, work culture.
FARMERS: To support small marginal farmers and their organizations.
GOOD CITIZEN: To be a good citizens of the PLANET .
JourneyStarted as an experience gourmet store, Parampara Organic soon spread its wings into other areas!

HOW WE GOT OUR LOGO:The design of our logo represents the {PO- Parampara Organic™}, It is carefully curated, contemporary and slick.
The colour of our logo is a Yellow- Navy Blue & Natural Green , the colour of happiness and vibrant contentment.
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