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1. Deposit money with IndiaMART PayX
2. Receive the product
3. IndiaMART PayX pays the Seller
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IndiaMART PayX

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Few of the Payments We Protected

Madanlal protected INR 25,000

Prashant protected INR 131,000

Sanjay protected INR 43,596

Rahul protected INR 564,836

Ritu protected INR 19,200

Ravinder protected INR 800

Surendra protected INR 187,824

Soumya protected INR 3,150

Pradip protected INR 63,130

Nayak protected INR 45,625

Prabath protected INR 192,200

Arjun protected INR 1,600

Dipesh protected INR 450

Alwal protected INR 200,000

Keshu protected INR 52,627

Satya protected INR 61,500

Vishwanath protected INR 149,971

Sameer protected INR 4,671

Nagraj protected INR 56,935

Rakesh protected INR 148,313
How IndiaMART PayX Helps Buyers?

IndiaMART PayX is a Buyer Payment Protection Program which brings to you a secure and trusted way of buying. Buyers can negotiate their business deal directly with Sellers and then use IndiaMART PayX for a reliable and secure transaction.

By using IndiaMART PayX, Buyers know that they will receive exactly the goods or services they expect before the payment is made to the seller.

For Indian Buyers and Sellers


Buyer & Seller finalize the deal

Buyer deposits the money to IndiaMART PayX

Seller ships the product

Buyer confirms delivery of goods

IndiaMART PayX releases payment to seller


Trusted Platform

IndiaMART Payx ensures safe transaction and trusted business practices

Buyer Payment Protection

Seller receives money after buyer satisfaction

Hassle Free Refunds

Get the right product or get the refund

Quick Assistance

We are there for you always with our dedicated service advisers

Secure Your Payment Now
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