1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee

1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee

₹ 1,999 / Jar

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by:Kesariya Farm Private Limited, Mumbai

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Product Specifications

Packaging Type
Cholesterol 30mg
Sodium 0mg
Vitamin A 480mcg
Saturated Fat 9g
Total Fat 14g
Pack Size
Shelf Life
12 month from date of manufacturing
Country of Origin
Made in India
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Product Description


100% pure Grass Fed A2 Gir cow’s hand churned Ghee

Healthy A2 ghee balanced and active lifestyle

Pesticides and Chemical free A2 Vedic Ghee

Lactose Free

Non GMO Hand churned A2 ghee

Kesariya Farm A2 Vedic Ghee is the healthiest natura fat source.Use this superfood in your daily diet to nourish and rejuvenat every cell of your body with every meal.

Best cooking medium as per Ayurveda:

Has high smoke point 485 Degree Fahrenheit

Ideal for cooking, baking, spreading and frying

Made fro Cultured curd using traditional wooden bilona or churning

Superior aroma and granular texture

Casein, lactose and gluten free

High MCFA''s(Medium Chain Fatty Acids-Provides sustained enrgy level).

All the qualities ake Vedic Ghee remarkably different from commercial cream made ghee.

Best of Nature For You: At Kesariya Far, we ar taking foods back to their original heritage. we believe siple, ancient foods can lead to a healthful and balanced modern lifestyle.

We dont just make Ghee, we make a set of promises to you with every jar of Vedic Ghee, dear ghee lovers. Because we know you care.

Pure Grassfed A2 Ghee MAde With Love: Our vedic Ghee is made in small batches with Ayurvedic procss of two way churning the cultured curd with wooden churner(Bilona). We make curd in ideal controlled conditions from our grass fed Gir Cows A2 milk using natural culture. Butter produced by churning the curd is then slowly heated to remove all the milk solids. The result is a delicious, falvorful healthy Vedic Ghee that is easily digested.

Authentic and Pure: Kesariya Farms''s Grassfed A2 Vedic Ghee is made fro pure A2 milk of our own Gir Cows that graze year round on open pastures full of lush green grasses in pristine pure forests. We feed our Gir cows Moringa, Shatavari and Ashwagandha everyday to make their milk even healthier.

Benefits of Vedic Ghee:

Maintains Mental Health

Maintains healthy hair and skin

Maintains healthy vision

Promotes anti ageing

Keps Physically Active

Maintains Bone Health

Fights Weakness , Fatigue And Tiredness

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ghee made from Grass Fed Gir Cow''s Whole Milk, No added Preservatives.

Usage: Use Vedic Ghee for spreading, sauteing and stir frying. Add to your coffee or tea for delicious boosts.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place away fro direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

% Daily Value are based on a 2000 calorie diet.Your daily values may be higher or lower depending upon your calorie needs.Not a significant source of Dietary fibre, sugar, vitamin c, Calcium or Iron.

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Company Information

Kesariya Farm Private Limited
Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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59% Response rate
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1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee

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1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee

by:Kesariya Farm Private Limited, Mumbai


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1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
1L Gir Cow Cultured A2 Ghee
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