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Aminex Column
Aminex Column

Aminex Column

by: Biolinx Labsystems Private Limited, Navi Mumbai

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Product Description

Aminex HPX-87N Column
Pkg Of 1, 300 X 7.8 Mm, Prepacked HPLC Carbohydrate Analysis Column, Sodium Form,

Aminex HPLC columns are packed with a polymer-based matrix (polystyrene divinylbenzene). Aminex carbohydrate analysis columns separate compounds using a combination of size exclusion and ligand exchange mechanisms:
In oligosaccharide separations, size exclusion is the primary mechanism. Low crosslinked resins allow carbohydrates to penetrate, and oligosaccharides separate by size
For monosaccharide separations, ligand exchange is the primary mechanism and involves the binding of hydroxyl groups of the sugars with the fixed counterion of the resin. Ligand exchange is affected by the nature of the counterion (Pb2+, Ca2+, etc.) and by the spatial orientation of the carbohydrate''s hydroxyl groups
Aminex columns allow the use of simple isocratic methods, eluting with water or dilute acid.
Aminex columns are an industry standard for the analysis of carbohydrates.
Aminex HPX-87C Column
This calcium-form column is the column of choice for most general sweetener analyses. It is optimized for analyzing monosaccharides and also provides class separation of di-, tri-, and tetrasaccharides. The 300 x 7.8 mm column is used primarily for the quantitation of glucose and fructose in high fructose corn syrup and for general monosaccharide analysis. The 250 x 4.0 mm column is appropriate for sugar alcohol separations.
Aminex HPX-87P Column
This lead-form, 300 x 7.8 mm column is tailored for the separation of cellulose-derived monosaccharides. It is used in analyses of pentoses and hexoses in wood products, especially cellobiose, glucose, xylose, galactose, arabinose, and mannose. It also provides excellent resolution of sucrose, lactose, and fructose in dairy products.
Fast Carbohydrate Analysis Column
This lead-form, 100 x 7.8 mm column is tailored for extremely fast separations of specific carbohydrates in samples where only certain components are of interest. It is optimized for 5-minute analyses of sucrose, glucose, galactose, and fructose.
Aminex HPX-87H Column
This hydrogen-form, 300 x 7.8 mm column is used for analysis of carbohydrates in solution with carboxylic acids, volatile fatty acids, short chain fatty acids, alcohols, ketones, and many neutral metabolic by-products. Most often used for organic acid analysis, this column is also useful for fermentation monitoring, biological fluid analysis, and acetylated amino sugar separations.
Aminex HPX-87N Column
This sodium-form, 300 x 7.8 mm column is optimized for the analysis of sugars in samples with high salt concentrations, such as beet sugars. It is compatible with salts, so there is no need to desalt samples before analysis.
Aminex HPX-87K Column
This potassium-form, 300 x 7.8 mm column is optimized for the analysis of mono-, di-, and trisaccharides in samples such as corn syrup and brewing wort. It exhibits good separations of glucose, maltose, and maltotriose.
Aminex HPX-42A Column
This silver-form, 300 x 7.8 mm column provides fast, high-resolution oligosaccharide analysis. It separates oligosaccharides to D-11 in approximately 25 minutes.
Aminex HPX-42C Column
This calcium-form, 300 x 7.8 mm column is optimized for analysis of mono- and disaccharides in starch hydrolysates. It also provides excellent resolution of oligosaccharides as large as D-10.
In-Line Carbohydrate Deashing System
This in-line deashing system protects the Aminex carbohydrate columns from contamination by removing all inorganic salts from the sample, allowing only neutral carbohydrates to pass to the analytical column. The system consists of two Micro-Guard cartridges, one packed with anion and the other with cation exchange resin. Installed in series in front of Bio-Rad analytical columns, this system offers convenient and highly efficient in-line purification of sugar samples.

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Aminex Column

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Aminex Column

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