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Anti-Dandruff Hair Care
Anti-Dandruff Hair Care

Anti-Dandruff Hair Care

एंटी डैंड्रफ हेयर केयर

by: Paragon Beauty Garden Private Limited, Noida

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Product Description

Description: It is well known that the skin is being replaced continuously with the formation of new cells in the deepest layer of the epidermis and exfoliation of the dead skin from the surface. This is called desquamation. This process goes on from all parts of the body including the scalp. With growing age and other internal causes , the removal of the upper dead layers is slowed down due to stronger bonding of dead skin to the deeper layers. Due to anchoring of the dead skin and our daily habits this dead skin begins accumulating and cause dandruff. In turn it gives rise to bacterial growth. The bacteria in their turn can produce inflammation manifesting as itching and even formation of pus, crusting and matting of hair. Whenever the infection is severe it can lead to enlargement of the lymph glands. And fever. Plain scaling with or without itching is called pityriasis capitis, seborrhoea capitis or dandruff. But when associated with inflammation (dermatitis) with or without pus it is called seborrhoeic dermatitis.
There are two types of dandruff - oily and dry. Dry dandruff is easier to control than oily dandruff. Oily dandruff can be itchy. The scales mix with the sebum and are difficult to brush out.
Multiple approach controlling the above causes is a sure shot way to control dandruff. Paragon presents a multi-approach -regimen in the form of a complete kit to solve the problem. It is based on :
1. Aromatherapy – to control the stress, tension, anxiety by use of proven blends of aromatic oils in the product formulations.
2. AHA, BHA and AKA based Aromactiva Hair Serum – to break, dissolve and remove accumulated dead scales.
3. Control of pathogenic microbial flora with pre-biotic concept with Willow tree extract.
Proper cleaning and contioning of hair and scalp
Paragon Professional Treatment: Paragon Anti-dandruff Hair Care
Home Care – Night Hair & Scalp Serum for Dandruff – Leave over night

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Paragon Beauty Garden Private Limited

Anti-Dandruff Hair Care

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Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
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Anti-Dandruff Hair Care Paragon Beauty Garden Private Limited,Noida

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