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ATMOS - Air Purification Systems, Automatic Grade: Automatic
ATMOS - Air Purification Systems, Automatic Grade: Automatic

ATMOS - Air Purification Systems, Automatic Grade: Automatic

ऑटोमैटिक एटीएमओएस - एयर प्यूरिफिकेशन सिस्टम

3.5 Lakh / Piece

by: Nutech Engineering Technologies Limited, Mumbai

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Product Description

Automatic Grade
Power Source
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece


AtmosAir is a Bi-Polar Ionisation (BPI) technology that can be characterised as using dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) to generate non-thermal plasma (NTP) on the outside of its tubes. This generated plasma interacts with the air surrounding the tube to generate ions in the air that are able to interact with chemicals and particles to purify the air. Plasma Generation AtmosAir generates plasma by sending a high voltage AC current to the two electrodes on either side of the dielectric glass. Because the glass is a dielectric material, the current (i.e. electrons) cannot flow across the tube; instead a build-up of charge develops on one side of the dielectric, with the opposite charge building up to balance this charge on the other side of the dielectric. When the voltage reaches a high enough energy for the specific dielectric material, the charge build-up on the outside of the glass begins a discharge of ‘lightening bolts’, which is the creation of charged particles that form the plasma.

Ion Formation in the Air

AtmosAir technologies require a flow of air over the tubes for proper ionisation. As the air flows over the tubes, the interaction between the air molecules and the plasma causes electrons to be exchanged between the air molecules and the plasma, generating ions. Because AC current is used, this process reverses (the current flow and charge build-ups occur in the opposite direction, on opposite sides of the dielectric) several times a minute, according to the high voltage frequency. This use of AC, instead of DC, is how AtmosAir creates both positive and negative ions. The ions generated through BPI closely mimic naturally occurring ions created from falling water such as breaking surf and waterfalls, through the plasma of lightning bolts during thunderstorms, and those found in clean mountain air.
Ions and Air Purification

Bi-Polar Ionisation (BPI) can purify the air through chemical reactions and through electrostatic/physical attraction . BPI uses ions and electrons as a way to catalyse reactions (make reactions happen more quickly) because they are able to reach the required activation energy for a specific reaction more easily compared to neutral molecules.
Ions are effective in purifying the air, despite their low relative concentrations in the air, because they are so reactive & because the charge from an ion is conserved (unless there is a path to neutralise it such as a conductive material or opposite charge). Thus, an ion can participate in a reaction and survive in a modified form to participate in another reaction. In such a manner, an ion (or rather the ion’s charge) can participate in thousands of reactions, very quickly. Due to this reactivity, chemical reactions with ions can ''go to completion’. This means they will keep reacting until the chemical is in its simplest form. What this means for most volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is that they get broken down to a small amount of carbon dioxide along with water vapour . This chemical reaction allows chemicals to be broken down into less odorous and less toxic substances, thus purifying the air.
Ions are very effective in improving indoor air quality through removal of dust particles from the air stream, and by breaking down odours and contaminants into less offensive molecules .

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ATMOS - Air Purification Systems, Automatic Grade: Automatic

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ATMOS - Air Purification Systems, Automatic Grade: Automatic

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