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Product Description

Kerala is the largest coffee producer in India, behind only Karnataka. Kerala contributes nearly 25% of India's coffee production. Plantrich is one of the leading contributors of Kerala's coffee production. Plantrich produces mainly two varieties of coffee: the sophisticated flavours of Arabica coffees and some of the finest Robusta coffees. Arabica coffee has a delicate flavor and aroma coupled with sweet taste. This variety has more beverage value because of its softer and sweeter taste and therefore fetches higher price in the market. Arabica Coffee needs more labour and care as compared to other varieties of coffee. Robusta is identifiable with its harsher and stronger taste, with a grainy essence and peanutty aftertaste. Plantrich offers stringent quality product at reasonable price.

Coffee Grades


Washed Arabica Unwashed Arabica Washed Robusta Unwashed Robusta
Plantation PB Arabica Cherry PB Robusta Parchment PB Robusta Cherry PB
Plantation A Arabica Cherry AB Robusta Parchment AB Robusta Cherry AB
Plantation B Arabica Cherry C Robusta Parchment C Robusta Cherry C
Plantation Bulk Arabica Cherry Bulk Robusta Parchment Bulk Robusta Cherry Bulk
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by:Fair Trade Global, Kottayam

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