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Diesel Pre Filter On Mobile Dispensers
Diesel Pre Filter On Mobile Dispensers

Diesel Pre Filter On Mobile Dispensers

40,000 / Set(s)

by: Kalindi International, Noida

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Product Description

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1 Set(s)

This SEPAR unit [SWK2000/10] is a 10 Liters Per Minute unit. The max fuel that can be handled by this unit is 10 LPM. Normally the Fuel Pump sends around 5 to 6 times the consumption to the engine. The unused fuel return through the back flow line. Often the fuel flowing back is used to cool the engine.
The size of this unit is:
328 mm [Height] 146 mm [Width] and 107 mm [Depth] Diesel engines today require high quality fuel, which is not always available. Diesel containing water and particulate contamination will damage expensive fuel pumps and injectors, thereby reducing the reliability and longevity of your engine.
Separ 2000 is a multistage [5 stage] diesel purifier and assures clean fuel, maintaining the efficiency and long operational life of the fuel system. The innovative design gives a lower pressure drop (delta ''p'') than practically any other filter available.
Complete cleansing of the fuel is possible thanks to the separ 2000 series unique five-stage purification and separation process.
First stage, fuel flows through the stationary aluminum centrifuge, which imparts a rotary, motion to the fuel flow.
Second stage The fuel exits the centrifuge during thewhere larger particulate and water droplets are separated into the bottom of the bowl by precipitation.
Third Stage has the fuel flowing through the second centrifuge, with the lower vane creating a partial vacuum, drawing smaller droplets and particulate down the vane into the bowl.
Fourth Stage Droplets of water and dirt coalesce on the upper surface, and when heavy enough fall back into the bowl.
Fifth stage Fuel passes vertically through a paper filter element [the only replaceable part] that removes any remaining water and particulate greater than an optional 10, 30 or 60 microns.
Clean fuel then flows to the engine fuel system, leaving separated particulate contamination and collected water to be drained from the filter bowl via a locking valve.
Unlike other filter separators in the market, the separ 2000 allows cleaning of the filter element without removal.
It is achieved by opening the drain and bleed valves, and allowing the head of clean fuel above the element to flow ''back'' through the element. This "scavenging" action releases trapped dirt from the element surface, washing it down into the filter bowl for removal.
The result is extended element life as this operation can be repeated four or five times.
The separ 2000 range is available in 5 / 10 / 18 / 40 & 130 litres per minute flow rates.
Dual systems for multiples of above capacities can be fabricated by joining two systems together. The Separ 2000 range of filters can be fitted to any diesel engine available.
We offer ''without obligation'' any technical advice on any application that you may have. Separ 2000 is a standard prefitment on all mtu engines, man trucks and equipments.
deutz have issued a circular that their warranties are invalid [in mining & construction industry applications] till a separ filter is fitted. Volvo & caterpillar [channel partners] use these filters as after sales fitments. Separ is the only system that is type approved by lloyds, bureau veritas, rina & tuv. Separhas been approved for fitment on arjun tanks by crdve.
Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Port of Dispatch: Delhi
  • Delivery Time: 10-15Days
  • Packaging Details: In cartons

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Diesel Pre Filter On Mobile Dispensers

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Diesel Pre Filter On Mobile Dispensers

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