Light Magnesium Oxide BP Ph Eur

Light Magnesium Oxide BP Ph Eur

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by:Rhine Laboratories, Vadodara

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Magnesium supplement or an antacid for the relief of heartburn, indigestion and sore stomach
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Product Description

We manufacture all grades of Magnesium Carbonate[s]. Our Magnesium Carbonates are manufactured from rigorously tested raw materials, namely Sodium Carbonate and Magnesium Chloride. The process chemistry is: MgCl2 + Na2CO3 = MgCO3 + 2NaCl. Raw Materials are extensively tested to ensure low levels of Lead, Arsenic, Nickel, Mercury, Cobalt, Vanadium and Fluoride in our Magnesium Carbonates. You get to source customised bulk densities of Magnesium Carbonates from us. The bulk densities range from 0.05gm / cc [ gm / ml, kg / litre ] to 0.70 gm / cc [ gm / ml, kg / litre]. Our Magnesium Carbonate USP has unlimited bulk density combinations to suit your formulations. We are an industry first in the manufacture of Magnesium Carbonate DC grade. The most accurate GMP grade Roll Compactor machines are used for this process. The machines have been custom designed by our R & D team in consultation with the machine manufacturer. The granules are of regular size with industry best compressive strength. They have excellent properties of Flowability and Angle of Repose. Your compaction process will greatly benefit from our DC grade Magnesium Carbonate. There will be minimal loss of Magnesium Carbonate due to low powder generation during tableting. The regular grain size will improve the flowability of your mineral mixtures.
The purest Magnesium Carbonate is used as starting material for the manufacture of Magnesium Oxide. As a result there is low presence of Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Aluminium. All grades of Magnesium Oxides are manufactured by us. The calcination of Magnesium Carbonate to Magnesium Oxide has the chemistry: MgCO3 —-- MgO + CO2 (ΔH = +118 kJ/mol). The calcination process has been custom designed by us. The process is fully automated with zero manual control. This benefits you because there is zero presence of foreign and metallic particles in the Magnesium Oxide. Additionally, the highly automated process results in low Loss on Ignition data. Hence you get high assays and purity of Magnesium Oxides. The Magnesium Oxides manufactured by us, meet all your mesh size and bulk density requirements. To aid your rapidly changing formulation requirements, we have been successful in retrofitting our processes to meet bulk density requirements ranging from 0.08 gm / cc [gm / ml, kg / litre ] to 1.0 gm / cc [ gm / ml, kg / l ]. This capability will encourage you to trust us when challenging specifications are required. Our DC grade Magnesium Oxide is made from our own rigorously tested Magnesium Oxide powder. The granulation is done in highly accurate and validated GMP SS 316 Roll Compactor machines. The process is flexible enough for the manufacture of all ranges of DC grade Magnesium Oxides. The intrinsic properties of Flowability and Angle of Repose remain an industry best. We encourage you to engage with our production team for highly challenging mesh size and bulk density requirements.
Our Magnesium Hydroxides are of the purest grade. We manufacture all grades. These Magnesium Hydroxides have very low chloride levels. You get very high assays, thereby resulting in better cost ratios in your formulations. In an industry first, our processes of manufacturing Magnesium Hydroxide are flexible enough to meet any of your bulk density requirements. Due to extensive and accurate testing of raw materials, our Magnesium Hydroxides have very low Arsenic, Lead and Heavy Metal impurities. We are an industry first in the manufacture of DC grade Magnesium Hydroxide. The compaction and granulation is done without binders in accurate and validated Roll Compactors. Hence you get a one stop source of Powder Grade and DC Grade Magnesium Hydroxide of any bulk density from us.

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Rhine Laboratories
Nandesari, Vadodara, Gujarat
Verified Plus Supplier
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Light Magnesium Oxide BP Ph Eur

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Light Magnesium Oxide BP Ph Eur

by:Rhine Laboratories, Vadodara


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Light Magnesium Oxide BP Ph Eur
Light Magnesium Oxide BP Ph Eur
Light Magnesium Oxide BP Ph Eur
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