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Oil Testing instruments

Oil Testing instruments

by: Petro - Lab Instruments, Kolkata

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Product Description

PAcn a —I
Abel Flash Point Tester IS-1448 IP-33 & IP-170
Aniline Point Apparatus IP-2, IS-1448 & ASTM D-611
Acidity by Extraction Apparatus IS-1448
Acidity Testing Kit for Transformer Oils IS-1866
Asphaltness Tester IP-143
Aging Test Oven IS-335
Bomb Calorimeter IP-12 & IS-1448-1350
Burning Test Lamp IP-10 IS1448 ASTM D 187
Cloud and Pour Point IP-15 ASTM 0-2500 & IS-1448
Carbon Residue Ramsbottom IP-14, ASTM 0-524 & IS-1448
Carbon Residue Conradson IP-13 & ASTM D-189
Centrifuge for Oil Testing IP-75 ASTM D-96 & IS-1448
Copper Strip Corrosion IP-154 ASTM D-130 & IS-1448
Calorimeter of Transformer Oils IS-335
Cleveland Flash Point Tester IP-36 ASTM D-92 & IS-1448
Dean & Stark Apparatus IP-74 & IS-1448
Dilution of Gasoline Engine IP-23 ASTM 0-322
Distillation Apparatus IP-123 ASTM 0-86 & IS-1448
Demulsification Apparatus IP-19 Emulsion test of
Cutting Oils IS-1448 ASTM 0-1401 Engler Viscometer IP-212 & ASTM D-490-434
Existent Gum Bath IP-131 ASTM 0-381 & IS-1448
Electric Strength Tester of Transformer Oil IS-6792
Flow Cup Viscometer IS-3944 BS-3900
A & B Type Foaming Characteristics IP-146 ASTM D-892
Falling Ball Viscometer Freezing Point Apparatus IP-16 ASTM 0-2386
Inter facial Tensiometer IS-6104 ASTM 0-971 & 1331
Kinematic Viscometer Bath & Tube IP-71 & IS-1448
Mischel Falling Sphere Viscometer Neutralization Number IS-1448
Oxidation Tester of Transformer Oil IP-56 IS-335
Oxidation Tester of Lubricating Oil IP-48 IS-1448
Oxidation Stability of Mineral Oil IP-307 & ASTM D-943
Oxidation Stability of Gasoline IP-40 IS-1448 & ASTM D-525
Petroleum Hydrometer Pyknometer ( Metal ) IP-59
Petroleum Melting Point IP-55 Pensky Marten Flash point IP-35 IS-1448 ASTM D-93
Peroxide Bomb Calorimeter
Prosperity of the Science
Redwood No.1 & No.2 Viscometer IP-70
Reid Vapour Pressure Bomb IP-69 IS-1448 ASTM D-323
Rust Preventive Characteristics IP-135 IS-1448 & ASTM D- 655
Saybolt Viscometer ASTM D-88
Sediment by Extraction IP-53 IS-1448 & ASTM D-473
Sulphonation Flask IP-345 IS-1448
Smoke Point Apparatus IP-57 IS-1448 & ASTM S-1322
Sulphur by Bomb Method IS-1448 IP-61 & ASTM-129
Sulphur by Lamp Method IP-107 IS-1448 & ASTM-1266
Sampling Bomb L. P. G. IP-51 : 104 : & ASTM-1265
Sampling Cane ASTM D-270 & IP-51
Sampling Bacon Bomb ASTM 0-270
Tag Flash Point Tester ASTM-56
Vapour Pressure Bomb L. P. G. IP-161 ASTM-1267 & IS-1448
Zahn Viscometer ASTM D-816: D-1084

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Oil Testing instruments

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Oil Testing instruments Petro - Lab Instruments,Kolkata

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