Paddy Seed

Paddy Seed

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by:Vedha Seeds, Karimnagar

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Plants are medium tall & semi-compact and culm is strong. Leaf blade is dark green, surface pubescence is weak, sheath is green, ligule is med. long, wedge shaped, white in colour & leaf angle to main stem is acute. Flag leaf is also acute angled, med long & med broad and above the panicle. Lemma & palea are hairy and straw coloured at maturity, apiculus is also straw coloured, and grains are partly awned. Kernels have no aroma and white in colour.

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Vedha Seeds
Karimnagar, Karim Nagar, Telangana
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3.4 /5
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Paddy Seed

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Paddy Seed

by:Vedha Seeds, Karimnagar


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