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Payasa Rice

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by: Shree International, Ahmedabad

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Rice is a wonder grain which forms the staple diet for more than half the population in the globe. According to famous folklores, rice is considered to be a "Gift from the Gods" due to its delicious taste among all the cereals. Therefore, it is treated with reverence. For the entire rice eating population "rice is life" and forms an important part of their daily diet and culture. In India, rice is the first food a new bride offers her husband. It is also the first food offered to a newborn.

In spite of being traditionally and culturally linked food grain with many good nutritional benefits, unfortunately, rice eating is also associated with a few human disorders such as diabetes. The main reason for its association with diabetes is the complete lack of dietary fibre in polished or highly refined rice grains. Brown rice the unpolished form of rice which has the bran layer intact has been suggested as an alternative to white polished rice. But brown rice has lesser palatability and lacks the divine taste of white rice hence not preferred by people widely as an alternative for white polished rice.


  • Control in blood sugar levels, hence safe for diabetics and prevents diabetes incidence in  those people with a diabetic family history
  • Normalises bowel movements and helps in bowel health.
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels thereby helping in cardiac health.
  • Helps in controlling body weights thereby promotes good general health.
  • Helps in promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer
  • Helps in living a long life as it detoxifies your body continuously
  • Promotes better mineral absorption thereby helps you in having stronger bones, better brain function and in acquiring better immunity and defence against diseases
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Payasa Rice

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Payasa Rice
by:Shree International, Ahmedabad

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