RDL 940/941 Choksey Techseal

RDL 940/941 Choksey Techseal

चोकसे इंडस्ट्रियल ग्रेड, केमिकल ग्रेड टेकसील, 5 L

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₹ 240 / Kilogram

by: Shellco Registered, New Delhi

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Product Specifications
Packaging Size
Techseal-1 kg,4 kg,6.5 kg,Primer-250 ml,500 ml,1 liter
Shelf Life
9 months
Techseal RDL 940/941
Store the material at cool and dry place (at 25 deg C temp. & 50% RH)
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Product Description
TECHSEAL RDL 940/941 are two component sealant based on ‘THIOKOL' – Polysulphide liquid elastomer. It consists of a ‘base' compound and ‘accelerator' (Curing Agent). When the two components are mixed together prior to application, a chemical reaction is initiated which cures instantly to a firm, flexible rubber like seal with excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, wood, glass, acrylic and PVC plastics. It is capable of withstanding repeated extension, compression & cyclic movements without the loss of adhesion and resists deterioration by weathering, sunlight, ozone, water, salt, oils and fuels. It is far superior to all the conventional joint sealing material like bitumen, mastics, metallic channels and expansion sheets. RDL-940 (Gun Grade) is a non-sag material used for sealing of horizontal, vertical & ceiling joints RDL-941 (Pour Grade) is a pourable & self leveling material used for sealing of horizontal joints only.

  • Cures at ambient temperatures to a tough, elastic and flexible rubber like material
  • Bonds strongly to most of the building materials with the use of recommended primers
  • Durable, remains unaffected by UV rays, ozone and weathering conditions
  • Resistant to water, salt water, 10% dil. acids except nitric acids, alkalis, most of the common chemicals, vegetable, lubricating oils and fuels
  • Performs well in a temperature ranging from –20???C to 80???C
  • Slip resistant (sag) can be applied in horizontal joints
  • Movement capability – Provides satisfactory hermetic sealing of the joint subjected to expansion, contraction, vibration and cyclic movement within the following limits. -Movement joints up to ± 25% of the width
  • Slip resistant (non-sag) can be applied in vertical & ceiling g joints
  • Self leveling, after pouring in horizontal joint levels itself
  • Resilient. Recovers the original width after expansion & contraction without loosing the surface bond
  • Excellent reparability property
  • It can be over coated by waterproofing compounds
  • Non-toxic
  • Sealant will not cause staining to concrete masonry or stones

  • Sealing of expansion, contraction & construction joints in building structures such as, basements, subways, retaining walls, floors, external walls and claddings of high-rise buildings, roof terraces & ceilings especially structural expansion joints running through the ceiling
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RDL 940/941 Choksey Techseal

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RDL 940/941 Choksey Techseal
by:Shellco Registered, New Delhi

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RDL 940/941 Choksey Techseal
RDL 940/941 Choksey Techseal