Roasted Chicory Cubes

Roasted Chicory Cubes

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by:Punjabhai Meramanbhai Keshwala, Jamnagar

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Product Specifications

Packaging Size
To be in between lighter & dark reference sample

Product Description

Roasting of chicory cubes is being carried out by firewood roaster at the temp ranging from 100-145°C for the duration of 1.30 hours. Each Batch contain 350.00 Kgs of roasted chicory cubes.

Appearance:Uniform roasting
Retention on 15mm sieve:Max 5%
Retention on 7m sieve:Max 80%
Retention on 2mm sieve:Max 95%
Color:To be in between lighter & dark
reference sample
Taste after preparation:Clean & typical roasted chicory
taste matching with reference product.

Moisture-5 %
Extractible matter (AE)70 %-
Reducing sugars-15 %
Fructose-3.5 %
Ash, total-8.0 %
Minimum shelf life12 Month from manufacturing date

In sound jute/LDPE bags lined with 250gauge HDPE. Net weight 35kg.
HDPE bag is sealed separately and jute bag is being well stitched to avoid spillage,
Each bag is being marked showing net weight, batch number and the month of roasting.

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Punjabhai Meramanbhai Keshwala
Venus Apartment, Jamnagar, Gujarat
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Roasted Chicory Cubes

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Roasted Chicory Cubes

by:Punjabhai Meramanbhai Keshwala, Jamnagar


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