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Natural Rubber Neti (Rubber Catheter) Pack Of 5 Pcs. No 4, For Clinical
Natural Rubber Neti (Rubber Catheter) Pack Of 5 Pcs. No 4, For Clinical

Natural Rubber Neti (Rubber Catheter) Pack Of 5 Pcs. No 4, For Clinical

रबर की नैचुरल रबड़ कैथीटर पैक 5 पीस नंबर 4, क्लिनिकल के लिए

500 / Fifty Pcs

by: Mayra Sales Co, Delhi

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Product Description

Natural Rubber
25 Gm
3mm, 4mm, 5mm
37.5 Cm
Thread Type
Outer Diameter
Is It Sterilized
Non Sterilized
3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Minimum Order Quantity
20 Fifty Pcs

1 pack = 5pcs = Rs. 50
1pc = rs 10
We have 3 sizes of rubber neti i.e. No. 3, 4 and 5
Product Code: No3 - NRN0301, No4 - NRN0401, No5 - NRN0501
We believe in fast and timely shipping, Orders will be processed and dispatched within 24 to 48 working hours after payment is clear.
For any kind of quarry concern help please get in touch with us 
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Before use, make sure to clean your sutra well with warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly.
Sutra neti is generally done in conjunction with Jala Neti (flushing the nasal passages with warm salty water using a neti pot.) While you are doing Jala Neti you can moisten your sutra by leaving it in your neti pot. It is better to practice Jala Neti frequently before moving on to Sutra neti. If you are a beginner to both, then start with Jala Neti to cleanse the nose.
Have some tissues or absorbent paper kitchen towels ready as Sutra Neti strongly stimulates the mucous glands and also activates the tear ducts, which in turn naturally cleanse the eyes.

Sutra neti is better practiced on an empty stomach. If you have just eaten, then putting the fingers down the throat may induce vomiting.
Finger nails should not be overly long so as not to scratch or damage the back of the throat.
Begin with a calm clear mind. Never be in a hurry to perform Sutra Neti.
1.    Carefully insert the sutra into one of the nostrils and gently push it through the nasal passage until it reaches the back of the throat.
2.    Reach far back into the throat with the first two fingers, using the fingers as a pincers to take hold of the sutra.
3.    The sutra is grasped between the first two fingers and drawn out of the mouth, but still leaving some of the sutra outside the nose.
4.    Hold each end of the sutra and then gently floss back and forth a few times.
5.    The ends of the sutra can be attached together and the circle thus formed is drawn through the nostrils several times.
6.    Separate the attached ends of the sutra and remove it completely.
7.    Rinse off the sutra and perform the same on the opposite nostril.
When you have finished sutra neti in both nostrils then do Jala Neti (using warm salty water) once again to help clear out any excess mucous or encrusted particles that may have been dislodged from the upper nasal passages.

Clean the sutra thoroughly after use. You can keep it rolled up in your neti pot. Over time the sutra will retain its curved shape, which will make the practice that bit easier.

Item code: NRN0401.
Delivery Time : 4-7 Days
Packaging Details : Pouch Pack / Box Pack (As per quantity of order)

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Natural Rubber Neti (Rubber Catheter) Pack Of 5 Pcs. No 4, For Clinical

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Natural Rubber Neti (Rubber Catheter) Pack Of 5 Pcs. No 4, For Clinical Mayra Sales Co,Delhi

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