Sweet Basil Seeds

Sweet Basil Seeds

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by: Kotni Narayan Murty & Co., Berhampur

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Wondering what these black seeds are The basil plant is native to India. It is also called sweet basil but is different from the Holy Basil or Tulsi, which is common in every Indian household and credited for itsimmunity-boosting properties. The herbs of the basil plant are known to very healthy and so are the seeds. The black and tear-shaped seeds that many confuse with chia seeds are rich in proteins,carbs, and essential fats and are packed with a good deal of fiber. Interestingly, these seeds of the basil plant contain nocalories. According to Bangalore- based Nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood, Sabja seeds are rich in antioxidants, help in controllingdiabetesand is also good for your skin. They are hard to chew, so do not take them raw. Its best to soak them in water before consuming, which makes them more gelatinous. It is recommended to have at least two teaspoons every day to gain health benefits. Helps in Weight Loss. Reduces Body Heat. Controls Blood Sugar Levels. Relieves Constipation and Bloating. Treats Acidity and Heartburn. For Healthy Skin and Hair. Cures Cough and Flu. Method forSweet Basil SeedDrink. It is made by stirring 1/3 cup sugar into 2 cups water (use less sugar as per your taste preference), add 1 tablespoon honey and stir. Then add 4 teaspoons ofsweet basil seed. Within 2-3 hours thebasil seedsexpand and look very odd, a bit like tadpoles! Then you can serve the same Chilled....
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Sweet Basil Seeds

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Sweet Basil Seeds
by:Kotni Narayan Murty & Co., Berhampur

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Sweet Basil Seeds