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We are engaged in offering Wheat. It is one of the major Indian food crops, Wheat has played a formative role in the unfolding of Indias history. It is the Northern region of the country that has conventionally dominated the cultivation of Wheat. In India, the abundant Wheat producers are the states of Punjab and Haryana. It is cultivated in clayey soil and is extensively used for bread making and other food items. India exports sufficient quantities of all types of Wheat and extensive research efforts that are underway for improving its cereals and grain output in future. In fact, in the present times, India is the second largest Wheat producer in the world. When fertilizers and proper irrigation methods are applied to certain varieties of crops (excluding the dwarf ones), they tend to grow taller. However, regular usage of irrigation and fertilizers badly affect the cultivation of Wheat. It is also said that the conditions of India are not suitable for the cultivation of Wheat because of its short and relatively dry winter season.
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GKRT Exports
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
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by:GKRT Exports, Dindigul

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